…Done! Finally home after cueing for five hours, I’m now £120 lighter and eight albums richer, Managed to get everything I wanted before it all sold out. Pics will be up later after I have had time to sleep!

Record store day!

So it’s 5.30 am… Ish I’ve just joined the cue. Time to get some vinyl! Expect pics at some point :)


- by Alan Lee

Total Lunar Eclipse (April 15, 2014) | Matthew Crowley


Total Lunar Eclipse (April 15, 2014) | Matthew Crowley

Viking Style 2 by akuapam on Flickr.


As a thank you to everyone (all 3000+ of you!) who has been following and supporting me as I dive head first into the cosplay world, and since I’ve acquiring a bunch of Firefly swag recently, I thought it only right to do a giveaway! 

Prizes are as follows:

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Giveaway goes til April 26th!

Enter early, enter often! And again, thank you so much for supporting me. 

Shiny Firefly competition is shiny!!

Tyrion slaps Joffrey to Achilles Last Stand - Led Zeppelin

Good Night tumblr  :)


Why, whatever could this be?  That’s right, it’s Porcupine Tree’s appearance on Help TV (28 March 1997) in all its insane glory.  To put this video into its proper historical context, this TV appearance would have been the day after the run of concerts at the Frontiera, which of course were chronicled on the Coma Divine album.  You’ve seen the screencaps, and now you can finally watch this gig.  (My apologies to those of you in Germany…this video is blocked there because of one of the Japan videos.  Hopefully you know how to get around your regional content barriers.)

Some random commentary about the show:

  • Notice how the host turns towards the band in the beginning and pokes Steven.
  • Yes, the Internet really looked that bad in 1997.
  • Colin rolls his eyes during Steven’s speech explaining “Waiting”.
  • I was wrong about Steven’s classic trollface being during the bit where he was making the quip about “Voyage 34” being an album by any other band’s standards.  It actually occurs a bit later when Steven is asked a ridiculous question about influences.
  • It amuses me when the host says to the rest of the band “There is water there”, just so he can get some alone time with Richard.  (Did I mention the host is really, really, really fucking obsessed with Richard?  Because he is.)
  • "We only have one song left under ten minutes."  Lies!  Just on Coma Divine alone you have “The Sleep of No Dreaming”, “Always Never” (which is mentioned a bit later in the show when a fan asks why they didn’t play it at such-and-so gig), “Waiting phase 2”, “IS…NOT”, or even “Up the Downstair” or “Not Beautiful Anymore” if they could push pretty close to ten.  And if you look at other early 1997 setlists, there’s stuff like “Every Home Is Wired” (Chris was miked for backing vocals, after all!) and the short version of “Cryogenics”.  So they totally could have squeezed in another song after “The Moon Touches Your Shoulder”.
  • The host needs to ask everyone who isn’t Richard for their names at the end, because he couldn’t be bothered to remember them.
  • And there’s a lovely bit of foot porn involving Steven’s bare feet and the pedals.  I’m convinced the cameraman was the first hardcore Steven Wilson foot fetishist.
  • "Next time we’ll try and experiment, maybe to do a 20 minute song"…ha, like they’d ever agree to go on that show again.
  • What the fuck is the deal with those crackers?

Total lunar eclipse for the Americas on April 14th 15th 2014


Total lunar eclipse for the Americas on April 14th 15th 2014

Up onto the overturned keel
Clamber, with a heart of steel
Cold is the ocean’s spray…
And your death is on its way
ith maidens you have had your way
Each must die some day!

Lagertha Lothbrok - Vikings

Leprous - Not Even A Name